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Exhausted and Need a Vacation

I am so tired. No amount of coffee or Red Bull injections has or will help. I’m just physically and mentally exhausted to the point that I’ve found myself staring off into the void occassionally throughout the day.

I wake up, get dressed, grab breakfast, make sure Andy doesn’t leave without food, put a load of laundry in the washer, go to work, shovel food in my face during lunch so I can go back to work quicker, work retail for four hours, come home, make candles, paint signs, watch an episode of Grace and Frankie (oh my god, please watch!), go to bed, wake up, and do it all over again.

Folks, I’m in an unending loop of I’m-too-busy-to-live. I can’t even take the time to make the videos I want for the blog, which makes me wonder if I’m wasting my time telling you all how lost I feel lately. (Could have spent this time preparing the next big meal for my blog… or could I have?)

See, there are days where I think I can do it all. And I do. I truly get everything done that I want to do, but it’s just not satsifying, because tomorrow brings more tasks that need to be done. Many of which only exist now because I finished my To Do list today. See? Loop.

Sorry about the rant guys, just needed a minute to get this off my chest, take a breather, and reboot. I’m counting down the days until my friends and I shut down our cellphones, put away our iPads, and head off into the Maine wilderness for our vacation to Moosehead, Maine. It is, by far, the best week of the year. No work, no responsiblities, no worries.

I keep rewatching our vacation video from last year and dreaming that tomorrow is the day we leave. It’s not, but it’s a good dream. Anyway, keep an eye out for our moose sighting, it’s on the video. You won’t want to miss it.

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