DIY Painted Wooden Spoons

I’m not going to lie, I did find this idea on Pinterest first. I like to think I’m creative, but honestly, I was just pumped that I found something that I was capable of making – painted wooden spoons. I had spent the day dodging people dressed as aliens – yes, aliens – in Exeter to get to the antique shop. Like I’ve said before, this place is awesome, full of goodies ready to be refurbished, and the lady who runs it will most likely give you a deal on anything you buy, especially if you buy a lot of stuff. Some day, I just want to go in there and buy everything and spend months on end doing craft projects. I’m disappointed that I only bought three wooden utensils, though. I didn’t know how this project was going to pan out, so I didn’t want to buy enough to supply an army. That will teach me to think practically.

So back to the aliens. It was the annual UFO festival (<– I linked the site) where kids dress up with antennae sticking out of their heads, have UFO making competitions, and serve up food that I’m sure they think aliens would eat. (I’m making that last part up, I’m pretty sure I only saw hot dogs at the stands, but I could be wrong).

When I got home, I got to work on these babies, making sure to have my trusty dusty tape and fine sandpaper at the ready. I also had multiple colors of acrylic paint and this Martha Stewart Satin Finish.

So I wiped down the spoons, they were, after all, a bit dusty from sitting around the shop. Then I sanded them down a bit to make them smooth as a baby’s bum. (I’m really not sure where that phrase comes from, it seems a bit silly to me.)

I taped the handle so that there was still a bit of room from the serving end to the handle. This would serve as giving me a straight line when I paint, as well as knowing where to stop.

So I painted two to three coats on each handle, making sure not to go over the tape to the other side. Then finished with the Martha Stewart Satin Finish. Don’t forget to let them completely dry between paintings. This whole thing took me about four to five Mad Men episodes.


Then, when they were all dry, I carefully removed the tape from the handle. And Voila! We have some sweet new cooking utensils!!

Still pretty!

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  • Reply intecoolochoberord September 4, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    I love those! Want them for myself and they are perfect gifts when your’e invited to dinner! I think I will have to find me an antique shop pretty soon, thank you for some wonderful inspiration!

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