Stache Happy : DIY Photo Booth Mustaches

I’m so excited for our office holiday party! So much so that I offered to make photo booth mustaches. Yes, we are having a photo booth at our office holiday party! It’s certainly become the trendy thing to do and I am so pumped to get dressed up and have fun with my work buddies.

These mustaches actually took quite a bit of time and patience. I’m not going to lie, I’m glad I had the TV on because it made time go by quicker. I had to collect some fuzzy hair fabric, foam board, felt, my trusty glue gun, scissors, thin dowel, and printed off the mustache silhouette that I wanted to use. I started with the foam board, outlining my mustache shape on the board.

Trace and cut out the mustache on the foam board, be sure you have a sturdy base for the board as you cut.

Once that’s on the fabric, cut the outline of the fabric around the board, you’ll only be placing this on one side of the mustache, but be sure to be a little bigger rather than smaller of the foam so that the foam can’t be seen. Hot glue the hair fabric on the one side.

Flip over the mustache outline and then with a cut down dowel (to the size of a handle for you), lay it vertically on the mustache back. Cut a piece of felt the same size as the mustache, then hot glue the down to the mustache. Then put glue on the entire open back of the mustache and place your felt on the backing to seal in the handle. Make sure all edges are folded down and covering the foam. Brush out the hair so it’s as you like, and you’re all set!

Now play in front of the mirror!


Don’t want to make your own? There’s plenty of props you can purchase for your own photo booth:
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  • Reply addercatter December 27, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    You look like Earl from “My Name is Earl” lol! What a fun idea 🙂 Kat

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