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Chocolate Peanut Butter Croissants

chocolate peanut butter croissants

I’ve been stressed lately. Taxes are due, there’s a lot going on at work and in my personal life, and it’s very clear that my workout regimen has slowly been deteriorating. I’m working on fixing it, all of it. Slowly.

And I’ve found in life, that most of the time, simplifying things makes me feel better. A quick cup of hot cocoa, hiding under the covers in bed pretending I don’t have anything on my To-Do List, or even just a simple snack, preferably carb-filled.

When I lived in Grenoble, I used to go to Monoprix, the supermarket, and get a bag of ready-to-eat chocolate stuffed brioche and croissants. They were next to the bagged bread, not exactly as fresh as the French bakery had, but I could keep them for a few days. Nibble on a few here, have a snack with my lunch. And they calmed me. Might have been the carbs, might have been the chocolate, or possibly because they reminded me of all the packaged food we have here in the US. Either way, they were super simple, nothing fancy.

So it got me thinking, why not make my own and put a twist on it. So I grabbed a tube of Pillsbury croissant rolls, a spoonful of peanut butter and some chocolate chips. Just 8 minutes in the oven, a minute to cool, and I had 8 pretty perfect, slightly sweet treats.

Simple. Calming. Yum.

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