Testing, Testing: Raw Spice Bar

I think I need to be taken away from my computer and my credit card to be hidden from me. I impulse made a purchase the other day. Okay, a few impulse buys. And among them was a monthly spice subscription to Raw Spice Bar. Yeah, you heard me correctly, a spice subscription.

Turns out they exist, right there with the subscriptions to Ipsy, BirchBox, and Try the World (I’ll unveil that one when I get my first box in). There’s tons out there, but for some reason, this one drew me in. Mostly because it was only $6 a month and if I just bring my lunch to work with me from home every day, I’ve already pay for it in one-and-a-half days.

The deal, they tell me, is that I get three blends a month to make dishes. The way to my heart. Anyone how knows me, knows I have an obsession with spices. I actually dream of traveling overseas just to walk among the spice markets. Dubai, anyone? India? Take me there!

So I’m trying it, a monthly spice subscription to Raw Spice Bar. I’ll give an update when I get it in and let you all know what I make. I’m so excited!!

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