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Flight Day and Travel Clothes

I’m about to hit the road for a really quick weekend trip for Easter. Can you guess where I’m going? Did my Minnie shirt give me away? You got it, I’m off to Florida where I hear the weather is in the 80s. Quite a jump from New Hampshire which as I write this is a lovely 45 degrees. Still warm, but I will be sweating by this afternoon.

And I don’t know about you all, but when it comes to traveling, I am not the kind of person to get all dolled up for a flight. All you fashion bloggers who put on a cute dress and pack your adorable luggage, then wear heels to the airport… bless your heart, but I’m not doing it.

Even with my direct flight, I still want to be comfortable the entire way. Yoga pants, a comfy top, and slip-on shoes. Put a coffee in my hand and I’m ready to go. I think my Victoria’s Secret yoga pants are by far my favorite piece of travel clothes, and slip-on shoes are a must. Sorry-not-sorry guy who sits next to me on the plane, I will not be wearing shoes for the entire flight.

See you all when I land. Until then, this is my go-to attire, what’s yours? What’s your “can’t live without it” travel item?

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Love the Cape

I woke up to this view the other morning: 20131004-201947.jpg

It was beautiful. I am so grateful for opportunities like this. I was sent to the Cape for a night for work, and I have to say, waking up to a private porch overlooking the ocean is something you can only really appreciate when you’re in that moment. After gawking at the fisherman at the nearby pier, I decided I should probably just head down to the sand. Seriously, when another resort guest  standing in their robe waves to you from their porch, it’s time to hide away.


I spent an hour just soaking in the morning sun from the shore. I mean honestly, how many can honestly say they started their day with sand between their toes before going to work. Those of you who do, I really hope you appreciate it. I lived in a landlocked state for the majority of my life and only now do I live 15 minutes from the shore, and that’s not even the Cape.

I did finally get to go to a fancy little breakfast place hidden atop the Chatham airport office, though. I was expecting bacon, eggs, and toast. Quick bites. I was surprised when they had horseradish-infused sauces for potato and beet hash (a little outside my morning taste bud comfort zone), and banana pancakes that were so fluffy, but with buckwheat (I believe, if I remember correctly). Hanger B is the name, and fancy breakfast and lunch is the game. Totally recommend it if you’re a bit adventurous.

Or you can be like me, and just get the Pilot’s breakfast and be lame.


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Livin’ the Life


I truly am blessed to have the people I have in my life. Not only are they kind and amazing people, they think of me when they are going out for the day. Yup, that includes boat rides on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


Yeah, you see that picture of the sailboat? That was taken from the boat. Gotta love it. I’m so grateful to get opportunities like this, especially knowing there are people who will live their whole lives never seeing the ocean, feeling the salty water on their skin, or have the chance to ride along the water.

I ended the day sunburned, yes. But it’s ok.

We even enjoyed lunch while docked up at Newburyport and could watch the people on land staring back at us. A few kids waved, others I could see climbing the trees in the park. One of the snacks we dined on was apples and yogurt dip. Delicious, light, and perfect on a hot day.


All we did to make the dip was gather up some Faye Total 0% Greek Yogurt, honey, and Reese’s peanut butter chips. Mix about three tablespoons of honey into the yogurt and a quarter cup of chips. Mix. If you feel it needs more chips or honey, go ahead and add it in. There is no wrong way to make this. It’s all about what tastes good to you! And it’s portable, so it’s perfect for a boat ride. Yum!


Winter Love


It’s officially winter! I can only say this now because I have officially had the opportunity to shovel my car out of its parking space. (Please note the sweet Mohawk my car had following its cleaning yesterday morning. I think he pulls the look off pretty well. Swagger at its finest.)

Yesterday, while the weather report was telling everyone and their brother that we were going to get pummeled with snow, someone forgot to tell the microclimate of Portsmouth that they weren’t going to be involved. At home, I found myself covered in snow, but 20 minutes toward the Seacoast to work, and they were only getting rain. Figures. A mighty workout of shoveling, and a push of the car out of a snowbank from two very kind, cute guys got me on my way to work.

Despite the heavy snow, I am pretty happy about it. This means I can plan my retreat to the mountains with my board, make snow angels in my front yard, and have snowball fights with the children on my street. Okay, that last one is a stretch. I’m sure they’d beat me and I’d just come home crying that the kids were picking on a poor defenseless 20-something-year-old.

Happy winter, everyone!