Love the Cape

I woke up to this view the other morning: 20131004-201947.jpg

It was beautiful. I am so grateful for opportunities like this. I was sent to the Cape for a night for work, and I have to say, waking up to a private porch overlooking the ocean is something you can only really appreciate when you’re in that moment. After gawking at the fisherman at the nearby pier, I decided I should probably just head down to the sand. Seriously, when another resort guest  standing in their robe waves to you from their porch, it’s time to hide away.


I spent an hour just soaking in the morning sun from the shore. I mean honestly, how many can honestly say they started their day with sand between their toes before going to work. Those of you who do, I really hope you appreciate it. I lived in a landlocked state for the majority of my life and only now do I live 15 minutes from the shore, and that’s not even the Cape.

I did finally get to go to a fancy little breakfast place hidden atop the Chatham airport office, though. I was expecting bacon, eggs, and toast. Quick bites. I was surprised when they had horseradish-infused sauces for potato and beet hash (a little outside my morning taste bud comfort zone), and banana pancakes that were so fluffy, but with buckwheat (I believe, if I remember correctly). Hanger B is the name, and fancy breakfast and lunch is the game. Totally recommend it if you’re a bit adventurous.

Or you can be like me, and just get the Pilot’s breakfast and be lame.


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