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The Most Adorable Winter Proposal

It took me 28 years to see my first proposal, in person, live, and not replayed on Facebook via a video. And it was the most emotional minute and a half of my life.

I wasn’t even expecting to get emotional, but I knew it was coming. You’d think having a forewarning (and being a player in the big moment) would have prepped me for the moment. On Sunday, we were planning to go visit the Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire so our friend could propose among the rainbow of illuminated icicles. But surprise, New England’s icy cold temperatures and blistering winds stopped us from traveling at all. Seems we would have been blown off the road according to the weatherman.

And that’s how we found ourselves on some back roads, car loaded up with cameras (film and digital), and convincing our friend Samantha that yes, we wanted to go take pictures in the blistering cold. I’ll admit, it really was fun to look at all the barns and hidden homes on back roads. I might have even jumped in a snowbank at one point just to prove that we should all get out of the car at some point.

Then the moment happened when Neil asked if he could take a picture of Andy and I. And that was our cue. I snuck my phone in my jacket, grabbed my lumberjack of a boyfriend, and posed for a photo. And then we swapped, made Samantha get out of the car and take a picture with Neil.

That’s how I found myself, standing on a back road, my cellphone up, recording the moment, and Andy snapping photos like there was no tomorrow. My fingers were freezing, tears running down my face, and this warm ball of joy in my heart. I kid you not, it was the weirdest, happiest feeling to watch two people that love each other take that next step in their lives.

Congratulations guys! I’m so proud to have been able to able to experience your winter proposal and this moment with you both!



Get the mugs at My Country Story here.  Photo by Perfect Perceptions.


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