Christmas Tree Time

Christmas Time

Cats are so lucky. They get to sit under the tree all season. First ones to get to all the presents.

So I don’t actually have my own tree this year. So in order to get some tree time, I have to bug my friends who do, in fact, have a tree. Well, were in the middle of putting up their tree and I decided to come over and help spread some holiday cheer by assisting with the situation. Actually, just playing with the cats, singing Christmas songs, and bugging the heck out of everyone.

So, we blasted Christmas tunes while we strung up the lights, wrapped the tree in garland and tackled putting as many ornaments on it as possible. I also got to put the star on the tree. I was the tallest one in the apartment at the time, go figure. But still yay! Have you decorated yet?

Just a few more touches... and we're all set!

Just a few more touches… and we’re all set!

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