The Most Photographed Lighthouse

Nubble Lighthouse Maine

I keep meaning to post this. About a month ago I took my first trip to Nubble Lighthouse. Yes, I realize that seems odd that it was my first time there. It seems odd, even to me, that for all the time that I’ve lived in New England and for all the summers I spent going to York, Maine, that I had never been to Nubble Lighthouse until recently. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of pictures of it, it is, after all, the most photographed lighthouse.

But it was random. After a day at the zoo, Andy decided we were going on a mini road trip. We got lost for a bit and he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. And despite all my frustration of getting turned around about five times, I was super excited when we finally pulled up to the lighthouse, although I quickly realized how little parking they have there.

I completely suggest going mid-week, during the day, when no one is around. Only one-and-a-half laps around the mini lot and we found a spot, walked up to the grassy knoll, and Andy pulled out some cameras – digital and film (of course). That’s me taking a photo of the lighthouse, although you really can’t tell from that angle that I even have a camera in my hands.

We even ran into a man who was spearfishing. Very cool, and his fish was huge! (Well, in my opinion anyway.)

Spearfishing in Maine

Spearfishing in Maine

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