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Delicious Hair Moroccan Argon Oil

Sometimes I think I’m only going to share recipes with you all, but I had a sudden revolution at the spa the other day. You have to understand, I’m the kind of person who only goes to the salon once a year to get my hair cut. I’m bad at keeping up appearances. And I certainly should be using more products in my hair. I’ve found that’s the one thing lacking from my morning beauty regime.

But when I went this last time, I learned about Moroccan Argon oil. I really had no idea what it was until now. I’ve only used a little at a time, but it’s certainly enough with my thin hair. I rub the Moroccan Argon oil in the palm of my hands, then rub it through my damp hair. When I my hair, I’ve found my hair is softer, shinier, and way less fried. I used to straighten my hair a lot, so it’s been a huge help in restoring the damage.

Plus a huge bonus to the Moroccan Argon oil is that it smells amazing! Sorry guys, had to share. I apologize because I know you’ll get addicted.

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    i use that oil as well (-:

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