5 Reasons I Love Red Hair

If anyone has seen me lately, they know I’m obsessed with my red hair. So much so that I’ve given up on the colors in my closet that I can’t wear anymore. I’ve corned myself into wearing blues, greens, and the occasional barely-red colored clothing. Pink, orange, and I have an understanding that we’ll figure a way to be friends again some day.

And there isn’t just one red hair color, I’ve come to learn. I may say I want to look like Ariel, but be more drawn to a purple hue. Crazy, right? Let’s share some colors
I’m dying (hehe) to try.

1. Ariel Red Hair

5 Red Hair Colors To Try

Can we say gorgeous?! This is the perfect red for going bright. I can’t help myself.

2. Light, Airy Red Hair

5 Red Hair Colors To Try

If I wasn’t afraid of what this grey/red color would do without the proper skin tone, I already would have tried it. It’s so light and feminine. And I know that I’d have to curl it every day to keep it fluffy!

3. Go Bold or Go Home Red Hair

5 Red Hair Colors To TryLike a step up from Ariel. It’s vibrant, and so the color I was going for the first time I dyed my hair. It’s called commitment. And I think I scare people when I say I’m not afraid of the color. It will grow out anyway, right?

3. Orange Red Hair with A Fade

5 Red Hair Colors To Try

Strawberry blonde was a look that we all wanted when I was in elementary school. Maybe it was all that Ann of Green Gables that we read. But I love the fade into darker red. So it’s not too young.

5. Raspberry Red Hair

5 Red Hair Colors To Try

This one is my next look, I think. It’s so gorgeous. Kind of pink, purple, not not too dark. It’s like raspberry sorbet. Love, love, love!


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  • Reply Duncan Crary September 21, 2014 at 1:05 pm


    Perhaps you’ll have to come join the League of Extraordinary Red Heads this Oct. 1. The mayor of our city has just officially declared Troy NY to be “GINGER CITY, USA.” True story:

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