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Mini Pizza Rolls

So I had a party to attend at my friend’s house. He’s celebrating one year of owning his home. Way to go home ownership! So, in lieu of this accomplishment, we pulled out the big guns and started making food for everyone. We had our easy Buffalo Chicken Dip, cake, cookies, pasta salad, my noodle coleslaw, and mini pizza rolls. I will get that Buffalo Chicken Dip and other recipes up in the following weeks. But for now, you’ll have to deal with just the mini pizza rolls. So easy, so good, and way better than the Little Cesar’s box of greasy pepperoni that came in the door. Sorry, guys. Having to dab grease off my pizza before I eat it is kinda of a turn off.

So I came across the idea of making stuffed croissants that resemble pizzas. I’ve done those stuffed croissants before, usually it’s with chocolate chips, or this one time I made them with feta and spinach (to die for!). So I took the easy way out and got pepperoni, string cheese and croissant rolls.

The next steps are increasingly hard. I’m just kidding, do you really think I would do something that was difficult to make? I’m lazy, remember? Unroll the dough, place on cookie sheets and dash some garlic powder and ground pepper on the rolls. I would have added Italian seasoning, but it has gone missing from the cabinet. Uh-oh!

I then placed two pieces of pepperoni on each triangle. Okay, I really put two pieces on each and had at least eight slices for myself. Two for the croissants, one for me. Two for the croissants, one for me.

Then sliced the mozzarella sticks in quarters. First in half and then halfed those lengthwise. Seemed like way too much cheese with half a stick per croissant.

Rolled those puppies up and shoved them into the oven. Just follow the directions on your croissant roll directions. Mine were in for 12 minutes and came out perfectly! Believe they were on 350.

Would have gotten a picture of one of them by themselves but I started eating them and by the time I remembered to do so, everyone had already dug in. They came out awesome! And way less messy than pizza and much yummier than those frozen pizza rolls you have when you’re a kid and your parents are just too lazy to make something.

Now, off to figure out what else to make!


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