How To Melted Crayola Crayon Canvas

Yes, I have a Pinterest account. Yes, I have about 55 crafts at any point pinned to my board. No, I haven’t actually thought about how I’m going to make all of them or where I would put all of it if I did. However, I have found a way to accomplish (and check off) at least one of those items. SCORE! Everyone needs a melted crayon canvas, right? Right? Right? Ok, just agree with me on this one. . .

It all started with a box of crayons.

And a hair dyer (found in the bathroom) and a canvas (found at Michael’s in a double pack). Also needed a hot glue gun and some hot glue gun sticks. Interesting fact about me: when I was a kid, I used a hot glue gun and sticks to make a covered bridge for 4H. I used the little wispy things to make cobwebs. Put that in your craft bank!

Anyway, so I took all the crayons out, put them in rainbow order, something my moderately OCD self loved. (My closet is organized by color, shocker!) Then I took out every other crayon, because it was way too long of a line and let me make two of these! Well, my friend and craft helper of the night got to make one. She’s awesome! And totally is OK with me suggesting stupid craft and baking ideas.

Then came the interesting part. Blow drying crayons until they melt. I warn you, put down newspaper. A lot of newspaper. Put it farther around the room than you anticipate. You will thank me later. You’re welcome. Put the dryer on low. I know, this will make it take longer, but you won’t splatter (like I did on the left side of the canvas). Point it downward, and I really like that it blends a bit from color to color.

We let them dry and ta-dah! We had some artwork. Mine, is hanging in my work office. Thought I’d help spice up our little den with some color! Now I just have to make some more things so this crayon canvas matches something. It’s kinda out of place right now. But it’s a successful checked off item on my Pinterest account!


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