Inside My Makeup Bag | Novice Tutorial Video

Full disclosure, I am not good with makeup. I know how to use it…. mostly. But I’ve always just purchased random pieces of makeup I think I need and have gone from there.

I do not know how to contour my face (I pretend). And I’ve never done a successful smokey eye (I always end up looking like I just got into a fight with a stranger down a back alley). So, when my makeup guru friend Jocelyn found out I’d been faking make up all this time, she made me come over to her house and bring my makeup bag (ok, bags). Surely, she would be able to find some rhyme or reason in my makeup bag.

I’m slightly embarrassed. I mean my bronzer and one of my blushes are broken into just powder. And bless Jocelyn’s heart, she actually took the time to try to make my makeup bag work for a quick makeup tutorial. If you didn’t think I could be more of a mess, just watch the video.

Oh yeah, and my hair is black now. Boom! Take that fall. I have black hair now!


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