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Inside My Makeup Bag | Novice Tutorial Video

Full disclosure, I am not good with makeup. I know how to use it…. mostly. But I’ve always just purchased random pieces of makeup I think I need and have gone from there.

I do not know how to contour my face (I pretend). And I’ve never done a successful smokey eye (I always end up looking like I just got into a fight with a stranger down a back alley). So, when my makeup guru friend Jocelyn found out I’d been faking make up all this time, she made me come over to her house and bring my makeup bag (ok, bags). Surely, she would be able to find some rhyme or reason in my makeup bag.

I’m slightly embarrassed. I mean my bronzer and one of my blushes are broken into just powder. And bless Jocelyn’s heart, she actually took the time to try to make my makeup bag work for a quick makeup tutorial. If you didn’t think I could be more of a mess, just watch the video.

Oh yeah, and my hair is black now. Boom! Take that fall. I have black hair now!



DIY Faux Makeup Kit

When I was little, my mom gave me a makeup kit filled with a thick theater makeup – reds, blues, blacks, pinks, oranges. You name it, I probably had the color. Now, I know I made a mess with it and probably looked like a clown most of the time.

As I got older, I realized there was “big girl makeup.” That’s the eye shadows, lipsticks, mascara, and blush. I loved it. I still love it. So when I was visiting a friend with daughters, I was more than happy to pop open my makeup bag and let them try my colors (with mom’s permission, of course). It’s funny how exciting makeup is to a little girl, pretending to get dolled up for a faux party, or a night out (in this case, pizza downtown).

Faux Makeup Kit for Kids

So when I got home, I had an idea. For those days that mom just doesn’t want the girls playing with real makeup, I made a fake case. One that doesn’t actually get any makeup on the girls’ faces, but still let’s them pretend to put some on. And all it took was two things: an empty eye shadow case and some nail polish. Volia! Faux makeup case!

Faux Makeup Kit for Kids

All I did was clean out a case, dry it, then I poured nail polish into each of the wells. When it dried overnight, the paint had condensed, so I did a second layer and let that dry. Took 24 hours. I think I might be more excited than the girls! I even bought them new eye shadow applicators in a rainbow of colors (click here) or you can find them at your local Kmart or Wal-mart usually.


Couponing: 48 Cent Makeup Remover



I’ve always been jealous of the Krazy Coupon Lady and all those people on TLC’s Extreme Couponing who walk out of the store paying only $3.50 for $400 worth of groceries. I don’t have the patience to go through all the weekly flyers, compare them with the Sunday paper coupons, and then cross reference them with online additional coupons and deals. I wish I did. And here’s why.

I’ve put myself on a budget. I am not allowing myself to go to the store unless I have a list in hand. And it’s killing me. I like walking the aisles, seeing what I like and possibly purchasing a few items I didn’t intend to, because I wanted something. And now I can’t do that.

So I went on to the Krazy Coupon Lady’s website today. I was curious. Could I get something for free, or at least almost free? And there it was, Almay coupons ($5 off 2 Almay products), an in-store deal (buy one, get one 50% off), and an in-store coupon ($2 off inside the monthly Wal-greens coupon book). Off to Wal-greens I went, bee-lining it to the makeup section.

In hand: two Almay makeup removing pads (one priced at $6.49, another at $5.99). Yes, I meant to grab two at $5.99, but I’m not crying over spilled milk. Anyway, with buy one get one free, all those coupons, and then a $3 balance reward saving, I watched the $12.48 bill go down to 48 cents. Yup! 48 cents! SO excited. I think I might like this couponing thing.