How to mess up painting a wooden bowl… and then fix it

It didn’t start off this cute. Believe me, it was a feat.

So, a while back I scavenged around a  local antique shop in search of wooden items to paint. I found these wooden bowls and got them for $8 (all together, not each).

What a steal

But what I really wanted to do was paint these bowls. Was hoping to do some kind of pattern on the bowls, so I painted one all white first and let it dry. Then I put these stickers on them that was hoping would have the same effect as the LOVE painting I did. So I dabbed blue paint over the bowl.

Looks so innocent and perfect, right?

I let all that paint dry, pulled off the stickers, and…

What the heck? Are you kidding me??

The nerve of that paint! Messing up my wooden bowl. Argggg. (That’s like a cross between a pirate scowl and the sound I’d make if I ever jumped out of a plane – terrifying.) So I decided instead of getting mad, I painted it over. Through my frustration I decided to let that fully dry and put two pieces of tape on it, making a triangle. Then painted the inside white.

Maybe this will make it better…..

I let that dry, this time being way more patient… and Voila!

Added a layer of my Martha Stewart satin finish and it was all set.

See, not everything that is ruined can’t be fixed. Maybe that says something… hmmm.


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