Halloween – Orange is the New Black

So you’re telling me you haven’t been following Piper Chapman’s historically epic – yet fictional – prison life? (Ok, it was based on a true story. For real.) If you don’t have Netflix, I’ll forgive you. For everyone else, tune in. Now… I mean, now… I’ll wait.

I’m a bit overly excited about the show. I was nervous at first, not knowing what to expect. But I’ve been sucked in, and sucked in everyone I know. It’s a bit brash, and there’s things I can’t handle in real life anymore after a few of the episodes. Heck, I can’t look at a screwdriver the same way anymore and English Muffins are tainted as well. Also, watching That 70s Show, I can never think of Laura Prepon as Donna anymore. She is forever Vause to me – complete with no-longer-geeky-now-sexy black rimmed glasses (tape included). Sigh.

And hello! It streams on Netflix, so I have no commercials to deal with. But then when I’ve watched the newly released season, I’m left in shambles for a year. So here’s my ode to Orange is the New Black, complete with Halloween costume. Now to decide shall I be Red, Vause, or go all out with the red lipstick to be Morello (to include the veil, or not include the veil….).

Orange is the New Black

Cherokee Scrubs in Dark Khaki, Medium | Cherokee Scrubs Cargo Pant in Dark Khaki | Plimsole Shoes | Name Tags | Glasses | Screwdriver
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