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Halloween- Frozen Elsa

We’ve been singing Frozen Elsa songs in our sleep. Turns out when you’ve watched a movie about a gazillion times, it’s going to start getting stuck in your brain. And I really want to hate Frozen, but for the life of me, I can’t hate it. It’s too good.

If you haven’t seen Frozen yet, please stop reading this right now, find someone who has it, rent it, or go buy it and sit down and watch it. Let It Go seems annoying. Until you watch the movie, then realize you’re singing all the lyrics along with Elsa, then sometimes you’re just singing it to sing it… then realize the movie isn’t on. Whoops!

And Olaf. You have to love Olaf. Him, and summer, and warm hugs… yeah. Warm hugs!

Also, if Christophe was a real person, I’d probably fall in love with him. Just saying. If….

Frozen Elsa


Silver Shoes | Diamond Studs | Snowflake Necklace | Snowflake Polish | Elsa Dress


Halloween – Minnie Mouse Costume

Minnie Mouse Costume

Get the look: Black Long Sleeve | Red Shorts | Black Tights | Yellow Shoes | White Gloves | Polka Dot Hair Bow | Mickey Ears

A Minnie Mouse costume, classic. You really can’t go wrong with Disney. Plus, this is a super easy outfit to put together. Most people have at least the long sleeve black shirt in the closet, and I’m sure a few of you have black tights.

I love raiding my closet for an outfit, then piecing it together to get a great Halloween look.



Halloween – Orange is the New Black

So you’re telling me you haven’t been following Piper Chapman’s historically epic – yet fictional – prison life? (Ok, it was based on a true story. For real.) If you don’t have Netflix, I’ll forgive you. For everyone else, tune in. Now… I mean, now… I’ll wait.

I’m a bit overly excited about the show. I was nervous at first, not knowing what to expect. But I’ve been sucked in, and sucked in everyone I know. It’s a bit brash, and there’s things I can’t handle in real life anymore after a few of the episodes. Heck, I can’t look at a screwdriver the same way anymore and English Muffins are tainted as well. Also, watching That 70s Show, I can never think of Laura Prepon as Donna anymore. She is forever Vause to me – complete with no-longer-geeky-now-sexy black rimmed glasses (tape included). Sigh.

And hello! It streams on Netflix, so I have no commercials to deal with. But then when I’ve watched the newly released season, I’m left in shambles for a year. So here’s my ode to Orange is the New Black, complete with Halloween costume. Now to decide shall I be Red, Vause, or go all out with the red lipstick to be Morello (to include the veil, or not include the veil….).

Orange is the New Black

Cherokee Scrubs in Dark Khaki, Medium | Cherokee Scrubs Cargo Pant in Dark Khaki | Plimsole Shoes | Name Tags | Glasses | Screwdriver