Comfy Clothes Pearls & Lace

Lace Leggings and Pearls

Let’s be honest. It’s been too cold out to want to look cute. My go to jacket is my snowboarding jacket and I wear waterproof boots to get to and from buildings this time of year. I do not look cute. All I want to wear are comfy clothes.

And it’s mostly my fault. I don’t want to get all dolled up because I’m too cold. But, I think I found a temporary solution: leggings.

Yes, leggings. Those things I promised myself in college I would NEVER wear as pants. Well, guess what, I might have worn them as pants a few times . . . with a long shirt, of course. But still, I think they are extremely comfortable and if I’m going to start wearing them, well… I’m going to make them cute.

So I took to Polyvore and created a few outfits, this one, I dedicate to my friend Laurenne. Made me think of her as I was adding pearls and lace to this outfit. It’s very her. And, it’s comfy.

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