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Strawberry Rice Krispies Treats

Strawberry Rice Krispies Treats

So I promised you pink treats for Valentine’s Day, which means I trekked to the store for you all to get ingredients for Strawberry Rice Krispies Treats, packed with love and berries.

I was pleasantly surprised to find bags of freeze dried strawberries. And I’m not talking gummy-like dried strawberries, I mean the ones where you can crush them into powder. Most people don’t even know they exist, but stores, like Target, are starting to carry them. A bag will cost you almost $5, but they’re worth it for a special occasion.

If you want to be more creative, cut the treats with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Just remember to spray the cookie cutter with cooking spray or else the marshmallow will get stuck to the treats.

I’m hoping my co-workers will like them, because there’s no way I’m leaving them at home. I’d eat every last one of them by myself, that’s how good they are.

3 Tablespoons butter
1 10-oz bag of large marshmallows
6 cups of Rice Krispy cereal
1 1-oz bag of freeze dried Strawberries, crushed into partially powdered, but with some chunks still (You can find dried strawberries at Target by the trail mix)
Red food dye

In a large pot, melt butter. Add entire bag of marshmallows. Stir on medium to low heat until all marshmallows are melted and mixture is smooth. Add 3/4 of the dried strawberries, previously crushed. Add four drops of red food dye and stir until the mixture is pink.

Fold in cereal until marshmallow is evenly coating the Rice Krispies Treats. Pour into a wax paper-lined or cooking spray-ed rectangular pan and press down so top is flat and mixture is evenly in the pan. Pour remaining strawberries on the top and press into Rice Krispies. Let set for 30 minutes, covered or until marshmallows cool.

Cut into your Rice Krispies Treats into squares. Serve or keep in air-tight containers.

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Fruit Cravings


I was drawn to the berries.

I’ve been dreaming of strawberries, kiwis, pineapple, and grapes. I’d say there is something wrong with me, but honestly, that’s just stating the obvious. Don’t you think? Those daydreamings of a rainbow’d plates of herbivorous goodness are something I’ve decided I need to give into, and fast.
It’s caused me to head straight for the grocery store and scour through the winter produce and see what’s what. Luckily with modern farm technology strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries still line the shelves. And a sale doesn’t hurt at all. Caused me to buy a pound of strawberries and a bag of kiwis, which resulted in the following dinner:

What a wonderful dinner.


Yes, when you look at that plate, there are no carbs. Surprise! The carb-loving queen has been able to make more meals without bread and grains. And it was colorful at that. The strawberries and kiwis are self-explanatory, just washed and cut them up. For that surprise portion on the plate I’m pretty sure you can’t figure out, that’s a beef-veggie … ummm.. not quite a scramble… ummm … tortilla-less tacos?

I took a half a quarter cup of diced onion and a quarter cup of diced green peppers, sauteed them in olive oil. Add a teaspoon of each ground black pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne powder. Continue to saute on medium-high until the onions are caramelized  Then I added a little less than a quarter pound of diced beef in the pan. When it was cooked almost through, increase the heat to high and add a splash of white wine to deglaze the pan. Cook off the alcohol and serve.

I have to say, it would taste mighty good in a tortilla with some shredded cheddar. Maybe next time.