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300 Plus Miles And Avocado To Go

It’s been a few months since I really sat down and added up how many miles I’ve run this year. I keep a calendar in my room. Every day I write down how many miles I ran that day, even if it’s nothing. My goal, to remind everyone, is to run 365 miles in 2013. That’s a mile a day, which I think is a reasonable goal. It gives me time to take days off and other days to kick it into gear.

So back to the point. I sat down and added up how many miles I’ve run so far. I completely shocked myself. I’ve run 302 miles and there is still four months left! Totally doable, especially when I have two more 5Ks to go. Incredible, since a year ago I would never have been able run on a regular basis. So excited!

Seeing that has kept me on track with my healthy living goal. Meaning for lunch yesterday I made myself a 550 calorie lunch that packed a ton of vitamins, protein, healthy fats, and a bit of carbs. It may seem like a lot, but when you take into account how full it kept me, I’m not complaining. Also, came in under $5 and left me with half a tomato and 2/3 of an avocado.


Cut the bagel in half, topped each half with even amounts of turkey, then topped one half with sliced tomato, the other half with sliced avocado. A little mozzarella, into the broiler and you’ve got yourself a very filling sandwich. Delicious:



First 5K of the Summer


First 5K of the summer down! At least two more to go, and more pending if I get my act together.

You see, a few months ago one of my friends said we should do a 5K together, specifically, the one for the local children’s museum. Of course, I said yes. For many reasons. One because I think it’s smart to support your local organizations, two because I have already one 5K under my belt from last year, and three because it’s a positive step toward my 365 miles in 2013 year goal. It’s an easy 3 miles in one day.

So I signed up.

And we practiced the race path a few times. A rough uphill start, a loop through a mini development, and a really quick downhill slope at the end. It was rough the first few times. We pushed ourselves to make it through. We were down to only taking two mini walking breaks.

Then came race day. We were ready for that hill. . . we stood at the finish line with our bibs neatly pinned to our shirts . . . the race started and . . . and . . .


. . . we went an entirely different way toward what we thought was the loop. Learning curve: check with the race organizers to see what way is the right way. We were only off on the first part, to be fair. And it was a difference of a lesser incline to start. Actually not bad.

And! We did a 33:14 time with a less than 11 minute pace! Shaved off three minutes from the first 5K I ever did. So excited. We celebrated with Bloody Marys. Well deserved I like to think.


Two more 5Ks signed up for and I’m ready to shave more time off them!