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Holiday Shopping: How I Try To Shop For Others and Fail

Can we talk about, for a minute, how hard it is to shop for other people come Christmas time? Every time I go into a store, all I can find are things that I want. A nice bracelet, a scarf that I want that looks like every other one I own, and a gadget that I’d only buy if I won the lottery. Then I remember the real reason I came into the store, to shop for my friends and family.

Oh yeah….


That’s exactly how I stumbled upon Rue La La’s deal today – half off Alex and Ani bracelets! I’ve been watching these forever but haven’t had the heart to buy even one. Mostly it’s because to acquire that full bangled look, I’d have to shell out about $300, minimum. But half off?? Half off? That’s crazy!

Anyone need some last minute shopping gifts, head to Rue La La today. You only pay shipping once for 30 days and most items right now will make it to your house by Christmas if you order now.

Good luck!! I’m going to go back to trying to shop for other people and ignore the things that I want for myself….

Click here to see today’s deal: 


Vintaging Earrings

Alright, I know there has been quite a bit of craft posts lately, but I got too acrylic paint happy lately, so there will be more to come, and I kinda of accidently did this one. I went to Walmart because I was bored. Since I’ve been on such a jewelry buying kick, (I got conned into having a Lia Sophia party and it all went downhill from there.) I ended up buying a set of three dangley earrings. They had a Bohemian look to them, so I decided to buy them.

And then I got them home, put them on and realized they were way, and I mean WAY, too shiny. I dont have anything to compare to them and they’re not even gold or silver, just a cheap metal.

See, too shiny!

So I took the foam paintbrush I had and dabbed it into the black paint, then dabbed it on some cardboard to get rid of some excess paint. Then took to lightly dabbing the earrings, back and front.

Dab, dab, dab

Look how pretty they look now! Notice I didn’t cover them completely. I didn’t want black earrings, after all.

And then I took to doing it to the gold pair, too.

Even better in gold vintage!

And now I have new earrings! Love them! Took less than three minutes and dry time (which was pretty much instant because there was little paint used).



Pin It Up

I”m going to preface this with I’m not good with crafts. I mostly think this was a necessity, not a craft project. But if you want to think me a marvel at crafts, I won’t complain. It started because I had found my necklaces were tangling up and I couldn’t find a pair of earrings to save my life. Believe me, wearing the same earrings for two weeks because you can’t find another pair gets old. . . real fast.

So, off to the good old Target I went and ambled down the back-to-school aisle. I really didn’t know how this was going to work out, but I found a corkboard for $6 bucks and a pack of green (my favorite color) push pins. And I thought, why not pin it all up.

Then came the part of accepting this would be my new jewelry box. So I spent about twenty minutes trying to figure out how to hammer brad nails into the walls of my apartment without a nail. A flat hairbrush works well. You’d be surprised how resourceful you can get when you’re determined to get your jewelry off your desktop. Once the hard part was done, I pushed those pins into the board and started hanging. Not bad, eh?

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