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It’s Summertime | 1st Ice Cream of the Season


There’s something magical about the first ice cream of the season. Not pulling a pint out of the freezer, but actually standing in line for a cone that most definitely will drip down your hand because it’s shorts weather. And today, I’m so excited. While the temperatures skyrocketed today, we decided it was time to finally wait in line for ice cream. I also got to wear a dress instead of jeans, which made today even better. So to Dover Delite we went. (We probably could have walked, and should have. But I was being lazy.)

I’d like to say the line was short, but I would be lying. It was starting to wrap around the parking lot when we first got in line. All the parking spaces were gone, too. But it was totally worth it. Just under 15 minutes. Frozen strawberry cheesecake yogurt in a waffle cone. It’s like a dessert explosion. Yum!!

It truly feels like the start of summer with slightly burned shoulders, a waffle cone of ice cream, and summer dresses.