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Ew Jimmy Fallon, and other similar music videos

Eww! Yup, that song has been stuck in my head lately. And it’s because it’s catchy. If you haven’t heard it yet, well, you’re clearly missing out. It’s already up in the top 15 on iTunes. It made me think about all the similar style songs out there. And then it hit me, when I was in college, I was “rocking” out to silly songs from men in drag (oddly all blonde). I can’t be the only one who’s seen this commonality, can i?

Ew Jimmy Fallon and

I want to hate this, I really do. But every time there is a man who dresses in drag as a teenage or younger awkward girl, I can’t help but laugh. And this isn’t the first time someone has created a character like this and made a mini-hit. Plus, is pretty hilarious.

Rap on Jimmy, rap on.

Shoes witih Liam Kyle Sullivan

You all remember Shoes, right? With Liam Kyle Sullivan. The shoes obsessed teen with a song so catchy that every time someone says “shoes,” I now go “oh, my god! shoes!”

Parle a ma Main, Fatal Bazooka

Not English, but who’s to say that Americans, or even just English speaking comedians, are the only ones to make golden hits in drag. When I lived abroad, I couldn’t help loving this song. Michael Youn is hilarious, and his character is quite entertaining, too. And just like Fallon, he has a music superstar (in this case, Yelle) at his side.

Also, who mows the lawn with Oakley’s on? Cracks me up.