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Reindeer Holiday Cards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! (Try not to sing it as you read it, or do. Either way, it’s entertaining.) I’m starting to get ready for the holiday cheer – cutting snowflakes, planning my gifting strategy, as well as making holiday cards! And I have to say, my favorite are these minimalist reindeer “Love” cards that I designed. Super simple, but I’m in love with them all the same. I’ve even sold two packages of cards so far, can you believe it?

Reindeer Love Cards - Holiday Etsy

I’m working on more designs, but for the time being it’s up on Etsy (click to see).

My mom always had me sit with a pile of Christmas cards, signing my horrible little signature on all of them so we could mail them out the same day. And as much as I kinda hated it, I actually really love getting greeting cards in the mail, which is why I don’t want to see it end. I think that would be catastrophic if the Post Office stopped mailing holiday cards. It’s much more entertaining to get a handwritten note, than an email that I’m just going to delete in two seconds anyway. At least I can put a greeting card on my fridge or tape them up on the wall. (Other people do that, right? The shrine-to-the-holiday-cards wall?)