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Dream Pants

Dream Pants

Every so often, I go into my wardrobe and pull them out. I look at them, try them on, and say, “just a few more pounds.” They’re my dream pants. This year’s model is a linen pair, with the most adorable blue pattern. And I know if I never sat down, I could wear them.

Yes, I can button them. I can walk around in them, heck, I’m so close I’ve almost walked out the door in them. But it’s not good enough for me to wear them an entire day without being angry at myself for not waiting.

I know others who have had “dream dresses” or an even more common one, a “dream bikini.” It’s the item we want to wear so badly that we use it as a motivational tool. But when we don’t get close, we give up, throw in the towel and say, “next year.”

I’ve made a promise to myself that this pair will make it. I will get to wear them soon. Because if I can wear these pants, I can certainly fit into a bikini for my summer trip to Maine. I mean, I even have a Pinterest board made for my this-will-fit goal. It’s filled with mostly bikinis and dreams of having a model-perfect look, but hey, I still would love any of those items.

So, what’s your “dream” item(s)?