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Selling My Clothes


Turns out that I have a lot of clothes. I mean, a lot of clothes. Don’t get the wrong impression, you all know I’m cheap, but I’m also a clothes hoarder. Which means that I have bins of clothing that I never wear. Most of it is in excellent condition, I just never take it out to wear it. I get bored with it, the seasons change, or honestly, I just forget that I even have it. Whoops. Continue Reading


Closet Clean Out | LBD and Tops

As some of you know, I’ve been helping a friend clean out her closet to make a few bucks for her summer trips. If I had half the wardrobe as her, I’d be happy. The stuff I’m pulling out of the suitcases she gives me are in pristine condition, too bad I’m not a size 00. There are a few items my size, but sadly I don’t need them (like the fabulous Little Black Dress (LBD) I found.) God help me if I get invited to a cocktail party and finally realize I need it.

Little Black Dress with Lace perfect for a cocktail Party.

I’m so jealous some times to see how much clothes some people have. Like, I’d be totally content with having a closet like this (Click) to fill up. No big deal. Instead I’ve go a small dresser and a clothes rack full of button-ups and sweaters. And I’m not ungrateful, I do have quite a bit, just would like to live like Kim Kardashian for a day.

So for now, I’m living vicariously through my friends. So if you’re looking for anything between size 00P to a size small (although that LBD is a size medium and I found a Limited dress in size 8), check out what I’m selling. Happy to combine shipping and if you can pick it up, I’ll wave shipping all together for you. Check out my ebay store here, just click.

Teal Top Cotton Three-quarter perfect for fall or one of those cold summer nights.


Spring Attire | Stripes



I have a confession to make. The moment I heard it was spring, I swapped pants for a skirt and long sleeves for a striped linen tee. Yes, there is still snow on the ground, but I must admit, I’m willing to shiver a bit to enjoy the joys of a skirt and some horizontal lines. pop that traditional red, white, and blue nautical theme of colors in hopes that I’ll be able to go on the water soon!

I’m also recently obsessed with the bog Kendi Everyday. How much clothes does this woman have? I want to see her closet, dive head first into it, and never come out. She’s got it all: stripes, floral prints, pops of color, and shoes galore. She has so many cute things. How does she afford it? Here I am with my deals of the day from Loft, Charming Charlie, and Sears. Many of which I’ve had for at least a year. Although, you really have no idea how many compliments I’ve gotten on these boots (which you can tell are on their last leg), got them at Sears of all places.

Loft Striped Linen Tee | Loft Corduroy Skirt | Loft Gold Necklace | Charming Charlie Watch | Similar Boots from Nine West


Valentine’s Day Outfits

I’ve had my ups and downs on Valentine’s Day for sure. When I was in third grade, I still remember getting a Valentine with a neatly drawn broken heart on it. Serves me for breaking up with a boy less than a week before card handout day.

This year, I know I won’t get a broken heart on a card, because my boyfriend is taking me out. Yup, that’s all he told me. No idea where we’re going, if I need to get dressed up, or if I can slum it in a pair of yoga pants. So off to Loft to battle this issue with a few outfit choices.

Outfit 1: Boyfriend Jeans and Some Love

So to be fair, I started simple, since I might need a comfy outfit. Don’t know if he’s dragging me to the movies or bowling, can’t rule that out. Add in some popcorn (ok, a lot of popcorn), and he’s a happy camper. Doesn’t take much. For me, I still want to look cute, so I found this new T-shirt with sketched on hearts, popped on some bracelets and pulled my hair up into a headband. Simple, cute, and not too “HEY-IT’S-VALENTINES-DAY, WHY-AREN’T-WE-CELEBRATING-WITH-FLOWERS-AND-PINK-AND-RED-EVERYWHERE?” Not that I want that, just saying I’m not getting all mushy for a dark theater.




T-Shirt | Jeans | Bracelet | Headband | Bag

Outfit 2: Upgrade Me To Dinner

So there is nothing wrong with the previous scenario, but on the off chance he wants to show me off, I thought, why not add a little bit more sparkle into the mix and step up the outfit. So we grabbed this white sweater and a pair of skinny jeans, then beelined it for the jewelry so I could glitter a bit.

Also, any of you Loft girls out there know I’m a sucker for a good belt. When all else fails, belt it! And that’s exactly what I said when I put on the necklace and thought, “Something is missing.” (Not gonna lie, really love this look!)



Sweater | Cami in Whisper White | Pants | Belt | Necklace

Outfit 3: Out on the Town

To start, I know I have red hair now, which ultimately means I should not be wearing pink. Just clashes with my hair. But, it’s Valentine’s Day, and everything is pink and red, so why not me? Also, it’s good to know that I do not normally wear pink. It’s been slowly creeping into my wardrobe, but not at the rate of having a dress completely pink. But I thought, what the heck, why not do it for the holiday?

So we paired it with this really sweet polka dot jacket to separate my hair from the dress and then popped on a blue necklace to pull it all together.


Dress | Jacket | Necklace

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