Winning Spicy Chicken Sub

I got hungry again. And thank goodness I made those chicken parm sandwiches the other night or else I would just be eyeing the boxes of rice and pasta on my shelf as potential dinner. I also found (after a not so lengthy hunt of my fridge) that I had some leftover fresh salsa I had made the other day. Yippee!

I also had leftover rolls and some Mexican blend cheese, something I almost always have on hand. You never know when it’s time for nachos. Plus it goes on just about anything. I’d melt the cheese on an old shoe if I thought it would taste good.

So I cut the chicken breast in half and started to season it. Maybe a little liberally. What can I say? I’ve always loved spicy food. Dashed a bit of sea salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder on the chicken and then placed it in some hot olive oil in the pan to cook it through.

On the side I was slicing open that roll and placed a healthy (that’s a word for A LOT) of fresh salsa on the top part of the open roll. Dressed that with some cheese and then placed the spicy chicken on the other side.

And then to the oven on low broil. I have to say that I almost burned it, because one of my friends stopped by to drop off some jewelry I had bought. I got a little distracted and then remembered I had the oven on. Let’s just say that I probably gave those Olympic gold medalists a run for their money. But, alas, I ended up with this. A perfect toast!

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