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Salads, Can’t Live Without Them


Some people might think I’m crazy for overhauling my eating habits.

Condiment smeared, cheese covered sandwich for lunch? No, I’d rather have a salad.

Chicken carbonara with extra bacon? No, salad.

Ice cream sundae? No, I’d rather … wait, I’m not that crazy!

To be honest, I have started saying no to carb-filled food. Instead of two tacos, I’ll have one taco and then put what I would have stuffed in a second shell on the side. The bread I buy now gets checked for calories and fiber before I purchase it. Who would have thought I’d ever be this finicky.

When I was college I used to make huge batches of rice in this gnarly old rice cooker we found at the campus swap meet. It was kinda dingy and needed to be put down, but I couldn’t help myself. It was expected that one day my roomies would come home to a pile of rice on the floor, the ever mounting idea that I would turn into what I was eating.

I didn’t turn into rice. My waistline just ballooned.

So now, when I think of rice, bread, tortilla shells, and anything that could possibly alter my caloric intake for the day, I monitor my other meals. Like lunch the other day, stopped at the supermarket, bought a few ounces of peppered flank steak, a Roma tomato, cucumber, and fresh salad mix. Cooked up the steak on the office stove, diced up those tomatoes very fine (same with the cucumber) and topped it a light splash of Ken’s Light Peppercorn and Parmesan dressing.

Delicious, carb-free, and I could eat that for days!

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