Rustic and Refined Home Decor


Making an apartment feel like a home is harder done than said. It’s been almost two months now and Andy and I are still “moving in.” I say this because we still haven’t full decorated. There are barely any pictures up and our living room still needs a coffee table. We did, however, get a rug, and I have to say, it really ties the room together.

So I’m on a mission to go one room at a time and at least pin down the vibe or theme for our living room. I’ve been searching home decor sites for inspiration and think I can find a compromise for us. I recently painted this piece for our wall, hung it up, stepped back, and realized this was the answer: rustic chic.

home decor

I’m working on more and Andy and I will be selling them on our Etsy page (click here to check everything out), but I should have more up soon. I’m taking any suggestions, because I just finished a moose one that I’m obsessed with and can’t decide if I should do a fox or a squirrel next.

Anyway, this made me start searching online and I stumbled across more items that fit into this theme. I’ll be honest, I can’t afford to buy it all, but I can dream and look at things I like. Send me links to other items you’ve found and I’ll check them out.

Rustic Home Decor

Silver Linings Hanging Sign, $20

Sometimes you just need an every day reminder that things could always be worse. 

Rustic Home Decor 2

Teddy Lounge Chair, $1,299

Beech wood and cashmere upholstered frame.

Rustic Home Decor 3

Cutout Porcelain Votive, $20

Love this neutral accent piece.

Rustic Home Decor 4

To the Moon & Back Pillow, $140

Ok, honestly. Who pays $140 for a pillow. But I kind of love it.

Rustic Home Decor 5

Rustic Rattan Basket, $95

Something like this would actually be perfect for holding all of our yarn. Yes, we knit and crochet scarves. I’ve even made bags before. 


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