Paleo Desserts

We’re doing our best on The Whole 30. I mean, as best as we can. However, this month is my birthday month, and according to The Whole 30 rules, I cannot have cake, I cannot have any snacks, nor can I have the pizza that my dad mailed me. (Long story short, he sent me pizza from home and I’m crying that it’s sitting in my freezer.) I’m kind of upset.

So we’re doing our best to  try more Whole 30 and Paleo options (and considering giving ourselves “cheat meals” so I can enjoy my birthday and Andy can have a snack once in awhile). Which also means we might we switching from Whole 30 to Paleo so we can make a cake or cookies that are allowed – Paleo desserts. On the Whole 30 we can’t make anything that resembles a snack, but if we eat Paleo, we can make them with approved ingredients. So I’ll probably be digging through some cookbooks like these:


That’s where you all come in. I want to have some sort of “dessert” for my birthday, because.. well.. it’s my birthday. I should be allowed to splurge on my birthday, even if all the ingredients are good for me. I’m totally ok with not having a traditional birthday dessert. I just can’t decide what to do, because I don’t want to go too crazy. Suggestions? Tips? Paleo pals, what is your go to “dessert” that I should try? Send me recipes!

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