Owl Cookie Jars

We have an owl infestation in our home. Ok, we have an owl decor infestation in our home. It’s a running joke with Andy and I, because if it was up to me, we’d have foxes everywhere. Most of the owls are actually in his daughter Ezra‘s room. She has an owl nightlight, owl pajamas, owl books, owl sheets. You get the idea, there’s owls everywhere.

We even have an owl cookie jar. Which, I admit, is pretty darn cute, and I honestly don’t use it enough. I’d share where to get it, but everywhere I look is sold out online and it appears to have been a gift picked up at Kohls.

With the Super Bowl this last Sunday (Go, Pats!) we actually had an opportunity to fill it. I made homemade chocolate chip cookies for the game. Delicious, not healthy at all, and I kinda wish the owl could just make them disappear so I don’t eat them all.

Anyway, it got me thinking about cookie jars. And I wondered, how many owl cookie jars could there be. So I went “dream shopping” for more and found these gems. Adorable, right? Which one would you pick?

Owl Cookie Jar


1. Retro Ceramic Owl Cookie Jar, $40

I feel like this is something that would work perfectly in a 1970s kitchen or for someone who is really into vintage-styled kitchens.

Owl Cookie Jar2

2. Night Owl Cookie Jar, $50

Adore this ceramic, white-brushed owl cookie jar. It has that antiqued look without being old.

Owl Cookie Jar3

3. Cute Big-Eyed Owl Cookie Jar, $22

This guy is precious. I wish they had a collection of them in varying sizes so I could put my cookies, flour, sugar, and anything else in them and have them lined up on the counter.

Owl Cookie Jar5

4. Snowy Owl Cookie Jar, $20

With all the snow we’re having, it just seemed perfect to find this owl cookie jar wearing a scarf. He’s prepared for the snow, he just needs a hat.


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