OK Go: You are amazing

If you haven’t watched Ok Go’s new music video for “This Too Shall Pass,” then you’re missing an incredible spectacle of timing, gears and pizzaz.

As a kid, I had found old drawings of Rube Goldberg machines in books. They were of these elaborate contraptions that would have a chicken lay an egg, which would start a bicycle tire to spin, which would blow up a balloon that would pop and all of that would lead to an orange being squeezed for some juice. They were the most perplexing contraptions for the simplest of tasks.

Ok Go took it to the next level. The timing was perfect, down to the clinking of glasses to the tune of their song. Umbrellas flew, a television glided to its demise and pulleys dragged people and things all over the studio. It was delightful and done in one single shot. No cuts, no dramatic videography, just pure, simple engineering.

The video was filmed in a two-story warehouse in Los Angeles, Calif. The contraption was designed and built by the band and members of Syyn Labs. It took months to make and was well worth the effort. There are barely enough words to describe how incredible this one single video is nor how amazing the links to each part are set together.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’s alread had over 10,000,000 views, so what’s a few more.

OK Go is a Chicago rock band which now resides in Los Angeles. It is made of Damian Kulash (vocals/guitar), Tim Nordwind (bass guitar/vocals), Dan Konopka (drums/percussion) and Andy Ross (guitar/keyboards/vocals.) Ross joined OK Go in 2005 to replace Andy Duncan. In 2007, the band won a Grammy for “Best Short-Form Music Video” for “Here It Goes Again,” in which the band had a choreographed routine on treadmills. It also won the 2006 YouTube Award for Most Creative Video.

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    very cool video…thank you for sharing

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