My Current Best Friend, My Heat Pack

Two days after my Crossfit workout and I’m sore. Not just a dull pain, I mean I’m having a hard time bending over and picking things up from the ground. Again, I blame my ego and inability to admit defeat.

Turns out those dead lifts I was doing on Tuesday night have finally caught up to me. And now I’m paying for it with a sore back and having to call out of my lesson I was supposed to have tonight. (Sorry, Kate. I owe you.)

That was probably the most devastating part of being sore, having to admit I couldn’t go to EverProven tonight. I learned, it’s DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Basically my body is trying to heal itself from working out after I’ve been lazy all winter. Surprise, I’m paying for being lazy. The body is releasing cytokines, hormones that tell cells to heal the inflamed muscles.

The solution: a heat pack, some anti-inflammatory meds, and rest. So that’s what I’m up to tonight, reading my butt on the couch with a heat pack and some meds. Hoping I learned my lesson.


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