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Easy Mushroom Rice

Okay, I might have gotten lazy on this one. Went to the gym with my roomie and said I wanted rice for dinner. I’ve been on this no meat kick, and somehow started eating mushrooms. Also, I’m finding it’s easier to make food when I don’t have to wait for chicken to cook all the way through or the meat to stop mooing. So I decided to make dinner… easy rice from a bag. But apparently that wasn’t good enough. Seemed like I had to at least pretend I was going to cook…

This is the final product. A delicious mass of ricey goodness.

So I started with dicing up the last of the onion in the fridge, about a quarter of an onion, maybe a little less. Tossed that in a pan with olive oil to caramelize the onions. Right at the end, I added about a quarter cup of chopped mushrooms to the pan to cook them through. In another pan, I made this:

See what I meant about easy rice….

Cooked the rice through, then tossed in the onions and mushrooms. Delicious!

nom nom nom


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