Easing Into It – Real Food and Sore Muscles

Turns out that this eating real food thing isn’t that hard, so as long as you go to the grocery store. Clearly Andy and I need to go shopping as the inside of our refrigerator looks like it’s been ravaged by displaced zombie apocalypse survivors.

On the bright side, we do have  lots of eggs in stock, which was perfect for breakfast after my first workout of 2016. I sauted some cherry tomatoes and onions in olive oil, added some leftover grilled chicken, then added two eggs. Super protein packed, but really good. All I did for spices was add some black pepper. Topped that off with a glass of pineapple juice.

But, oh man am I hurting, and all I did was run a mile and a half. Turns out if you don’t use your body, you pay for it later. Did about a 14-minute mile at the gym, which isn’t horrible, but when I used to run 5Ks with an 11:35 mile it’s certainly disheartening. Thought I could get right back on that treadmill.

But, that is no reason to beat myself up. Getting off my butt to get moving is certainly a positive step in the right direction. I just need to ease into it, eat real food (read: not out of a box), and drink lots of water. I’m sure a lot of you out there are also taking extra Tylenol as January starts and trying to ease sore muscles. It WILL get better. We haven’t been working out lately, so you shouldn’t expect your body to just bounce right back to where you left off. We can do this 2016. Patience is the game.

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