Double the Pattern, Double the Fun

This morning I couldn’t help myself. I was in one of those moods where you just want to go a little crazy. Just a little. Why not double the patterns up in my outfit. Right? And this is super cute! Mostly because I love teal and orange together, but also because even alone, I love these patterns.  

Crazy? Not so crazy. You can pair two patterns together, just one has to be less busy than the other. So I paired this bold orange stripe with my favorite teal geometric shorts, then topped it off with a simple long chain with a teal pendant. Voila! Instant outfit, only three pieces.

For a closer look at the short pattern:

Double the Pattern Stripes and Geo

Mix your patterns and share them with me. I’d love to see how you’re styling your summer outfits. Below, check out some stripe and pattern options to double the pattern in your own closet. And remember, complimentary colors can go a long way in helping your outfit feel like it goes together.

Double the Pattern:


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