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July Stitch Fix Unboxing

I got my second Stitch Fix in the mail! Eekk! So excited since the last one had that fabulous polka dot skirt in it.

The Stitch Fix Low-Down

For those of you who don’t know how Stitch Fix works, you fill out a personal questionnaire about your style, send them a Pinterest board of your fashion likes (see mine), then pay $20 for their stylist to send you five items. You decide if you want them to send you pants, skirts, dresses, tops, jewelry, etc. Once you receive your box, you can try on all the items, keep what you want, and send back the rest. You only pay for what you keep, and the $20 styling fee goes right toward your purchase so you don’t lose the money!

July Stitch Fix

Soft Tee Stitch Fix Blue Shorts

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee – $44

I want to live in this shirt! This is the softest tee I have ever worn. And it drapes amazing! The front is shorter than the back, so it has a little bit of a style to it other than being just a plain tee shirt. I could sleep in this shirt and then wear it to work. That’s how amazing it is.

Skies are Blue Lya Geo Print Short – $38

Love these, still unsure how I feel about keeping them, but they’re adorable. Although you can see the pockets through, there’s a lining in the shorts, so there’s no way you’re going to see my underwear. I’ve noticed a lot of lighter colored shorts end up being see through, not the case with these. Also, the elastic band is amazing!

stitch Fix Maxi Dress

Market & Spruce Dafne Chevron Maxi Dress – $88

First off, $88?! Woah, I am not made of money here. I almost didn’t try on the dress just for the fact that the price tag was so high. Scary. It did fit pretty well, just long on me. I love the top half much better than the other maxi I got in my last Stitch Fix. But unless I was buying everything for the 25% off, I was not getting this at all.


Romolo Aliya Mixed Enamel Bangel Set – $48

Super cute, stretchy with a Moroccan vibe to them. But honestly, I don’t need a set of bangles for $48!! Going back.

Sweet Rain Earlson Split Neck Blouse – $44

My hips, ugh. See, this top is supposed to flow all the way down, and it gets caught on my curves at the hem. It needs to be wider for me at the bottom. Such a disappointment, because with my awesome new red hair, I want to love it!! Gahhhh.

If you want to use Stitch Fix, please us my referral code by clicking here. Then message me or comment below or on my YouTube videos to let me know what you got. I love seeing everyone’s boxes!

Instagram Outfits | Stitch Fix Polka Dots

I am so obsessed with this outfit! For something that I’d never normally wear, I’ve received so many compliments on it. It all started with getting my first Stitch Fix box where I got this fantastic Pixley Navy Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt, which I adore. But I’ve told you all that before.

Anyway, last Thursday, I had an interview, which required me to get dolled up. The first thing I reached for was this polka dot skirt from Stitch Fix. Being an interview, I wanted to stand out, so I grabbed the brightest thing in my wardrobe: this Mixed Media Pocket Shell in deep citron. It’s a top I would never have ever purchased had I not been pressured. Yes, J., I’m letting everyone know you bullied me into buying this top in yellow, and you were right, I love it!

So I paired them together, and then looked in the mirror, super proud of myself for wearing something that I’ve never worn before, especially in such bright colors. Oh, and did I mention that my hair is bright red right now? Running the risk of looking like a Crayola box of crayons, but it felt appropriate for the position. Anyway, crossed fingers that I hear good news and if you’re in love with the skirt as much as I am, try Stitch Fix and see if you get something similar.

Join Stitch Fix: Click here.


Young and Hungry Aprons I Need

Being sick and currently self-employed (yes, that’s what I’m calling it), I’ve found a new show on Netflix that I’m obsessed with: Young & Hungry. It’s on the same level of Melissa & Joey, quirky, cute, and awkward. Yes, I’m raving about Young & Hungry, which is like watching my dream job on TV. Food blogger turned personal chef?? I mean, who wouldn’t love to cook for a living?!

Also, I’m obsessed with all the Young and Hungry aprons that Gabi wears. For a character who has no money, she sure has a lot of adorable aprons. I’m been tracking them down, one by one. Anyone else obsessing?!

S1: Episode 7: Young & Secret | Lemon Apron

Young and Hungry Apron Lemon

This is so adorable! While the Sur La Table apron is hard to find, there are a few other lemon aprons that I have to share, too. {Above Apron} {Lemon Apron 2}

S1: Episode 2: Young & Ringless | Denim Apron

Young and Hungry Denim Apron

So cute, and I love that she folded it down so you still see her adorable outfit. The pink buttons are super cute and the ruffles keep it feminine and sweet.
{Above Apron} {Denim Apron 2}

S1: Episode 6: Young & Punchy | Donut Apron

Young and Hungry Donut Apron

An apron so sweet, I could eat it. Quirky, cute, and I can’t love this apron enough. Unfortunately, I can’t find it available anymore. It was available from Paper Source, but I can’t find it. Gahhhh.
{Donut Apron 2}

S1: Episode 3: Young & Lesbian | Polka Dot Apron

Young and Hungry Polka Dot

This is right up my alley. Black, white, red and polka dots! So freakin’ adorable and perfect for either a retro chef or one obsessed with 101 Dalmatians. I believe it’s the same one at Anthropologie (above) with the really cute red ribbon.
{Above Apron} {Polka Dot Apron 2}


Fashion, Fitness

June Wantable Fitness Unboxing | Bright Colors and Leopard Prints

Much, much happier with Wantable this go around! As some of you remember, last time, I was super disappointed that I didn’t get many colorful items from Wantable. Opening the box this time was much more thrilling as a rainbow of items spilled from the box. Check out my June Wantable Fitness Unboxing video and/or read below on what I thought about my edit.

Comment below or on the video and let me know what you would have kept!

June Wantable Fitness Edit

Aurora Space Dye Tank New Bloom Climawear – $30

I kind of love this top, except for the fact that it’s super close to my skin tone and I looked sort of naked in a few pictures I tried to take for the blog. There’s a built in bra, fits tight, but not too snug, and has adjustable straps. I’m truly considering this as one of my keep items, but am on the fence as to whether or not I must keep it.

Cory Vines Lane Crop Leggings – $55

Andy will not let me keep these. Gorgeous color, but they’re not doing my legs and thighs any justice. Super comfortable, but maybe just need them in a different color or pattern.

Rebecca Michaels Turtleneck Hoody Pullover Stripey – $98 Special $59

I have to laugh at this one. I felt a bit like ET with the hood up and the pattern was slightly ridiculous for my taste. I did enjoy dancing around in it for a bit though. It wasn’t too hot to wear, either. Maybe some day in the future when my taste in patterns change, but not today.

Collosseum Leopard Seamless Top – $39

I actually love this top, but I don’t normally wear short sleeves when I work out. The big issue is that it’s super see-thru and I would never wear layers when working out. The leopard and the color are adorable, but not enough to allow me to wear it when working out. Boo.

Glyder Mantra Space Dye Crop Pink Champagne – $56

Keeping these babies, not sure if it’s because I’m obsessed with space dye or because they’re so comfortable. You have to check these out or at least request pants in your own Wantable Fitness Edit. Love the color, love the fit.


How Wantable Works:
Spend $20 for a personalized fitness edit. Wantable sends you five articles of clothing, you pay for only what you want. Your $20 is used toward any purchase you make. Buy everything, save 30% off your order. Buy 3-4 items, save 20%. Click here through my referral code here to get your own Fitness Edit.