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Fly Fishing Flies

The gear.. well some of it.

So I was down in Florida a bit ago visiting family, and I learned my grandpa has taken up a new hobby. He’s been known to do a lot of things, including making wine at home. This time, however, I learned he’s into making flies. Something I would NEVER think to do unless my grandpa asked me to.

Let me back up. I am not a fan of fishing. If anyone asks, just lie for me. When I was little, I once made a great catch – my finger. Yeah, it’s traumatized me for life. I am completely afraid I will hook myself again. I also can’t be anywhere near people casting because I’m afraid they’ll hook me. Yes, I have gone fishing since, but I cringe inside the whole time. But I learned that you can buy fish finders to help you find the fish and make it a little easier to catch them.

Anyway, making flies with my grandpa was actually pretty fun. (And the hooks are super small, so even if I hooked myself, it wouldn’t have been too bad.)

I think we made something called a Parachute Adams. There was a lot of “don’t use a lot of thread,” “keep the line tight,” loop it,” and “go this way.” I think it resulted in something usable. We’re still not sure. Mine needs to go on a diet. Apparently I used too much thread, kept the line loose, and had to rewrap it like 10 times. Some guy in a YouTube video (I watched it later to see how it was supposed to go) made one in less than 2 minutes. Mine took about an hour.

Apparently I made the fly too loose, so he had to glue it together. I never said I was great at this.

Isn’t it cute??? 🙂

I tried folks, I tried.