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Afternoon Egg Scramble


A quarter cup of fresh salsa, chicken sausage link, and one egg.

I have to admit, sometimes I just like having breakfast for dinner. I dream of waffles, omelettes, and bacon. Okay, bacon is okay all hours of the day, but I still like to cook some up in the morning. The fresh smell of bacon and maple syrup filling the house is a glorious, glorious thing. I think most of you will agree.

So pairing up my love for breakfast with my new diet helped me whip up this plate. I’m not cutting out carbs, just trying to monitor the amount I’m eating and replacing my usual bread and crackers with veggies and protein. Protein fills me up and keeps me full.

So I sauteed a  quarter cup of fresh salsa. That’s just diced sweet onions, Roma tomatoes, and green peppers with a dash of ground black pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne. I then added in some diced chicken sausage. The kind I bought was the new Johnsonville chicken sausage with apple flavor. It’s sweet, but not too bad.

Once that’s browned up, you can either deglaze the pan with a little less than a quarter cup of pink moscato wine, or put the egg in now. If you deglaze, make sure you cook off the alcohol before adding the egg in. Cook it through and you’re done. Just enough sweet and savory to satisfy a breakfast for dinner craving.


Threw in the kiwi for some color and vitamins.