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It’s almost that time of year when you start buying presents for people, right? I was scanning the Internet when I came across this cool place that sells vintage cookbooks. The site is : You know, in case you were trying to track down a cool and interesting gift for me.

The Seducer’s Cookbook. Just throwing it out there guys, maybe we should all learn to cook.

They rotate the books. Once one sells, they replace it with another vintage find. I’m lovin’ this. Definitely worth checking it out.


Recycled Bow Frenzy

We had an emergency at work.

It was my co-workers birthday and we didn’t have a bow for his birthday cupcake. FOR SHAME! Don’t worry, I put on my crafting cape and came to the rescue. Might have shocked some people (myself included) that the final result was actually really good. First off, I work with magazines, so there is always paper around. The next thing was just finding scissors, tape and/or a stapler. I know, I know, you’re like, what is this non-crafty-crafty girl doing. Trust me on this one. If I can make a recycled bow, you can, too.

I found an ad in a magazine with lots of color space and little text. Score one!

Then I started cutting strips. Okay, I really did the whole fold and refold, then rip method, but they all ended up being the same width. So it worked. Thank you years as an elementary school student making fortune tellers.

I actually didn’t end up using two of the middle strips. Didn’t matter though.

That is what I ended up with, I made some longer than others. The hard part came next when I had to figure out how to twist the strips to make what looks like a two-ended shoe. See below for what I mean. You’ll get it… I hope. Basically you flip one end and make the other end match it. Tape the ends and then stretch it a bit and tape that into place behind the center of your strip so it doesn’t move.

One “shoe” down!

Oh yeah, you’ll notice that since I wasn’t working with food, I was able to use filters on my photos. I love doing that, but feel like you can’t tell what the food looks like if you use filters all the time. Sadness.

Anyway, I digress. So then I layered the “shoes,” biggest on the outside and working my way in. Staple the center. I also took that smallest strip and made a mini circle with it.


Almost there, just a few more layers.

Then I taped the last circle piece in and VOILA! I had a bow! Isn’t it adorable?

Look, ma. I saved like three bucks by making my own!

See, you’d never know. I bet someone would pay big bucks for a bunch of those… maybe I shouldn’t have shared my secret. hmmmm

And there you go, a cheap version of a bow. You’re also saving the environment! Go green!