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{Shop the Look} Top: Lou & Grey Painter Popover | Loft Skirt | Necklace: Similar Necklace: Kendra Scott Kiri Teardrop

I have a not-so-secret aversion to Loft’s Lou & Grey line. Not because I hate it, I don’t, but because I’m not the kind of person to put on lounge wear and go outside. It’s hard for me to transition from even denim to wearing sweats out. Yes, I’ve done it, but I think I go to the extreme, and wear yoga pants to the supermarket. (Guilty, I know.)

So Jocelyn wanted to style me in something, and I gave in. Let’s just say her style is not my style, so I was super hesitant to let her dress me. She’s a lot more adventurous than I, which I admire, but pairing lounge with dress? I got scared.

I stood in the fitting room for a bit staring at the items, a bit afraid of what it would look like together. But I reminded myself of all the times I’ve told people, “you have to see it on.” And so, I took the plunge, walked out, and was pleasantly surprised.

Please ignore my hair, I was having an off hair day (and Jocelyn also told me I’m washing my hair too much, but that’s a post for another day as I’m currently testing out the theory and scared for what my hair looks like.).

Anyway, I kind of like this look. Thoughts?