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First Hike of 2013


The weather was beautiful, the dog was excited to go, and we were ready to scale the mountain. Nothing better than the first hike of the season.

One of my best ladies and I took the pup out this weekend to get some fresh air, and I’m so glad we did. Not only did we figure out that we need to do more fun outdoor activities this summer, but I realized I need to work on myself a bit more. It was exhausting getting to the top of Mount Major. Gotta love the view though, it was well worth sweating the whole way up and down the trails.

We took a harder trail, both of us scaling up on our hands and knees at one point to get up the rocks. The dog, on the other hand, was like a flash of lightning flying up the trail. I swear, she is part mountain lion or something. She’s so speedy.


We’ve also decided we’re going to do some research to hike some more this summer. So if anyone has any suggestions for NH area mountains to scale, let me know!