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Raspberry Turkey Cheddar Grilled Cheese


Sometimes a last minute potluck idea can turn into a genius meal, raspberry turkey grilled cheese. Sometimes you have to get really inventive to make grilled cheese when you can’t find the George Foreman. (To be noted, after I was all done, I found it on top of the office microwave.)

You see, for a going away party at work, we were all asked to bring something in for a lunch potluck. Normally I’m all over this kind of thing. I plan days in advance, I have written a recipe, and I’m bragging about what I’m going to bring. This time, I had nothing.

I scrambled at the grocery store, picking up a loaf of rye bread, cheddar cheese from the deli counter, and turkey as well. Simple enough, but it seemed to be missing something. I knew there were a few frozen raspberries left in the freezer, and thought, hmmm maybe. But it all seemed like a podge hodge of items.

I also realized I had no idea where the grill was, but oddly enough I had my waffle maker at my desk. Something I had left over from a company breakfast and kept forgetting to take home. So I grilled the sandwiches on the waffle maker, stuffing each one with turkey, cheddar, and raspberries. The waffle maker actually made it easy to cut each one into four.

And! Even though I used rye bread, I was told they came out pretty good! Guess I’ll keep experimenting with grilled cheese fillings.


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Spicy Jalapeno Grilled Cheese

I needed something spicy that was meat-free. Going on this kick to see how long I can go without eating chicken, beef, pork, or anything that moves. Eggs and milk are allowed. Seriously, I’m not crazy enough to go vegan here. Just trying to trade some higher calorie food for nutrient rich foods. Although I’m not sure what I made was actually healthy….

Spicy Jalapeno Grilled Cheese

Rye bread
Cheddar Cheese
Olive Oil

Heat the pan with some olive oil and throw in sliced onions. Cook on low with some garlic powder. I cannot stress this enough, you’ll  burn or crisp the onions if you don’t. We’re looking to caramelize them. Right at the end, throw in some diced up jalapenos (right from the jar, not fresh). Pull them out of the pan, place on rye bread with cheddar and throw back in the pan. (Don’t forget to butter the sides of the bread that will touch the pan.

Cook till toasted and you’re golden. I swear, it came out delicious.

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Rye Grilled Cheese

The first thing I remember making on my own was a grilled cheese sandwich. It was fairly simple: white bread, American cheese, and butter so it didn’t burn the bread. And with it getting a bit chilly out, grilled cheese seems like the best bet. I’d add tomato soup, but I was a bit lazy when I made this.

I had a craving for rye bread, and in particular Rye Grilled Cheese, I’m not really sure why. Usually I’m one to buy a loaf of French bread, but the grains were calling. Diced up some onion and grabbed a few slices of a Roma tomato. Also might have switched out my regular American cheese for cheddar. Butter the sides of the bread that will hit the pan, put it all together, grill it up, and you’ve got a nice snack. Or lunch.