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My Favorite Things – When I’m Sick

We may be strong independent women, but everyone wants to be pampered when they dont feel well.

Sometimes I wonder if when I take medication, if it’s really making me feel better. Because when I took my doctor-prescribed medications over the weekend and today, I have moments where I just feel worse. Like my body has just realized it’s actually sick.

So I’ve tried to trick my body into thinking it’s not so uncomfortable with some of my favorite things, like the following. This is the basic list of my go-to items that always make me feel better. What’s yours?

Junk Food

When I’m really feeling sick – and it doesn’t matter if I have strep throat or my throat is scratchy from coughing all day – all I want to do is binge eat food that’s bad for me. Sometimes, I’m not even hungry, but I think when I was little I used to find comfort in chocolate pudding, cookies, and macaroni and cheese. So anything remotely sugary usually ends up in my belly. It’s about the only sure fire way to tell that I’m sick is if you catch me with a chocolate chip cookie or Boston Cream Pie doughnut in my hand.

Also, frozen S’more Pop-Tarts are the best thing in the world.

Disney Movies


Did I ever tell you that my grandparent’s used to work at Disney World? No? Oh, well guess what? I was one of those spoiled kids who went all the time, so I could pretty much tell you everything and anything you want to know about the greatest place on Earth. EPCOT is still my favorite place to go, and if you tell me you don’t like going to Innovations, then I’m sorry, we probably can’t be friends anymore.

So back to Disney movies. When I’m sick, the best thing that calms me down is being curled up on the couch with Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, or even any of the old classics like Candleshoe or Pete’s Dragon. If you’ve never heard of Candleshoe, please watch it, particularly if you’re a Jodie Foster fan. She was such a great little actress in that film!

A Warm Bath

Everybody Loves a Good Bubble Bath!

Bubbles. Warm water. Playlist with Elephant Revival. Enough said.

Fluffy Blankets

Aw.... this looks like my Peech when she was a baby.

Or towels right out of the dryer. I have no idea what it is, but I just love snuggling in warm sheets. So warm. So comfy. Who wants to throw all my blankets into the dryer and then make me a fort of fluffiness?