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Burlap Halloween Banner

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I know. I know. It’s early. It’s still September. But if you don’t start now, then you’ll never have everything ready for Halloween. I’ve started so many projects, I think I’m moving into the craft store soon. I think the staff at Joann Fabric is starting to know me by sight. The moment they start saying my name when I walk in the door, I know I’m in trouble. Anyway, so I decided I wanted to make a banner for Halloween with burlap.

Acrylic paint – black and orange
Paint brush
Cotton String
Hot glue gun

Cut triangles of the burlap. I used a pattern I cut out of a piece of paper and kept using it to trace my shape.

Pieces at the ready.

Then I painted a letter on each with black paint. Used a Q-tip to make polka dots on the banner to add some orange.

I went back and redid the letters. They were messy, you’ll see in the next pictures.

Then I took the triangles (dried, of course), and hot glued them to the string.

Careful, the glue is hot!

And when it dried… it was sooo pretty!

Love it!