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Crepes galore


Someone buy me a crepe maker. I just went out with friends for a ladies brunch and we had the most delicious crepes at Silver Moon Creperie in Dover. There’s news that they are closing at some point, so we had to go before they shut down for good.

It’s one of the tiniest places I’ve ever been too, a tiny little door tucked into a side street. The inside is bright and cheery, but there’s only room for maybe 20 people, max, before you’re sitting on a stranger’s lap. Hence why a group of five of us took up a quarter of the restaurant. But the food is great, quick, and delightful. You really can’t go wrong with crepes.

 I ended up with a swiss, tomato, and turkey crepe. So delicious. Now I just need to invest in that crepe maker. I was looking at this one (click), any suggestions on a good brand?