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Run, Run, Roni

Last year, I kicked 2014’s butt with a goal to run 365 miles before the end of the year. And I killed it. Throw in four different 5Ks races over the course of the summer and fall, and it certainly made it more entertaining. So this year, I didn’t make a goal to run a certain number of miles, but I did make a promise with one of my girlfriends to get in as much hiking time as we can and a few 5Ks races to stay fit. At the top of my list are these three runs.

5K Races

The Children’s Museum 5K – Dover, NH

Not only is it close to home, it’s also for a place that is dear to my friend Ren’s heart. She’s a sucker for their fun children’s exhibits (honestly, I can’t blame her), and the run isn’t too bad. We rocked it last year (all without getting trampled on), so it’s a definite. Let’s see if we can get a race number under 100 again.

5K Races

The Color Run – Loudon, NH

Another run we enjoyed last year. Well, except for having to run uphill on pavement. The NH Speedway isn’t exactly the best place for a 5K. We did get to rock some sweet tutus and a rainbow of paint, though. And I’m all up for sprinting through clouds of dust again.

5K Races

Mudderella – Boston, MA

A new one that Ren stumbled upon. We’re not exactly Tough Mudder material, but if you’re going to theme it with obstacles named “Skinny Jeans,” “Bad Date Escape,” and “Dirty Downward Dog,” we might actually have a chance. Plus they have a workout plan¬†that seems easy enough to follow.

Have another area run we should check out? Leave me a message in the comments!


Dim Sum Adventure


It all started with a list.

So one of my friends said I HAD to try dim sum. I’d categorize it as Chinese tapas. So the other Sunday we ended up on the T to Boston en route to Chinatown.

We didn’t have a plan, but it appeared that 11 am is a very popular time for dim sum on goings. Case in point: the first restaurant telling us we’d have to wait a half hour and then share a table with strangers.

With an approving nod we were on the same page, and headed around the corner and found another location: Great Taste Bakery and Restaurant. I mean it said “great taste” in its name. Gotta be good. This one was busy, but we slipped into an open table right away. It was then I took a look around. There was not one sign I could read or a special I could understand (further indication that I need to learn to read more languages if I want good food). So I let my friend pick the food. (Okay, the menu had English on it, I was just being lazy.)

When the plates started coming out, I realized I shouldn’t have had anything to eat before. It seemed like it would never end. Seven plates later, we could begin noshing on shrimp dumplings in what I think was rice paper wrapping, some sort of beef wrapped up in a pillow of dough, a really scary looking crunchy ball I couldn’t break into, and way more.


The hardest part was not that I had to use chopsticks (I’m actually really good at that from eating countless pounds of Chinese takeout as a college student), it was trying to cut things in half without a knife. See Exhibit A:


That was actually delicious. But my favorite was something I’d never order because I didn’t know what it was before. Taro. It came in these little fried cubes of goodness. I could have eaten my weight in it. Taro, from what I gather, is a tuber, like a potato.

So now I’m just planning my next Sunday to go back. Who’s coming with me?