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Mozzarella and Tomato Salad

The basics. Something we can all do, and should know how to do. So I’m gonna give you the secret to my favorite treat.

Gather the following and read on.

This kept me alive and not broke when I lived in France. I would take the tram down to the grocery store and buy a container of fresh mozzarella. That’s the kind that’s a plastic tub full of semi-clear liquid and tiny white balls floating in it. Then I’d grab a few tomatoes (sometimes from the market) and bring them back to my host mom’s house. (I’ll tell you about her house sometime. Loved living there, even if it was only for four months.)

Anyway, I’d cut the tomatoes up into small pieces, and cube the mozzarella into similar sized pieces. Put them in a bowl and added ground pepper and sea salt. (I didn’t want to steal all the spices from my host mom’s cabinet, after all.)

Put that on a loaf of French bread (fresh from the bakery that’s below the apartment), and toast it in the oven. You’ve got heaven.

Now that I’ve brought the “recipe” home, I’ve added some more spices. Mostly garlic powder and some cayenne. A dash of parsley and some oregano and it’s perfect. Serve it with my toast bites I make and you’ve made yourself a quick appetizer to take to your next party or a picnic in the park. I’m invited, right?

Yummy and ready for the picnic!